Do or Die Royal by J G White

Price: £7.99

Another Royal Marine Dacre AJ Adventure story.

This book is a sequel to Never Surrender by J G White.

In 1942 Britain has been at war for nearly three years against the might of the Nazi war machine.

The Prime minister, Winston Churchill, has ordered the formation of the first Royal Marine Commandos.

Marine Dacre volunteers. The training takes him and his fellow marines to Deal in Kent, then Scotland and finally to the Isle of Wight to await deployment.

At the same time Naval Intelligence and Bletchley Park are struggling to break the Enigma codes.

A raid on Dieppe by Canadians and commandoes is planned. A ‘pinch raid’ becomes part of the main assault and a small group of marines is tasked with stealing the vital codes from German Naval Headquarters.

This raid has been likened to a naval version of ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’.