The West Hallam Art & Earthenware Pottery Derbyshire 1922-1932 and The Peak Pottery 1932-1934 by Kerry Fisher

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This book is about a little known Derbyshire pottery with a very modest output in comparison to its neighbouring potteries at Langley Mill and Denby, consequently surviving examples are extremely rare and very difficult to identify. Examples are frequently misidentified owing to the absence of any previous published information.

The core interest is in the pottery output from 1922 to 1934. From attractive handmade art pottery to later more utilitarian and moulded examples in its attempt to keep profitable in changing times and fashions. It is hoped that the reader will become more adept at identifying examples from this pottery.

The key workers and financiers are recognised explaining their close links to the local community and other potteries throughout the area and the special link with the Torquay group of potteries in Devon.

The history of the site and buildings are explained from the 18th century all the way to its present thriving incarnation.

Transcribed & edited by Isobel De Banke with the help of Erewash Museum and staff.