A Journey Through Grief: Christian Meditation and Reflection within the Love of a Faithful God by Faith Hanson

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I have always appreciated the art of patchwork. It was a craft which began centuries ago to make use of old and spare pieces of fabric and with them create something useful, often bed covers and quilts. The original work was usually random; a mixture of plain and patterned fabrics, different textures and contrasting colours, muted and bright, and sewn together by hand. Over the years the craft has developed into a more creative and sophisticated skill with fascinating designs and elaborate geometric patterns.

This speaks to me of the pattern of life, hence the depiction on the cover of this little book. In our lives we all encounter the random, often the unexpected blend of darkness and light, of trials and triumphs, And somehow, we try to discern the hand of God working out his purposes, and to discover his transcending love and light which can radiate through life’s darkest days. Can we find some beauty in our brokenness and some hope in our despair?

Faith Hanson

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