In Search of the Trinity: History, Tradition, Fact and Fiction by Keith E Gillard

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This book was not written to demean or deny the Christian faith, it has been written in order to explain and teach how it all started in a way the reader might enjoy and won’t necessarily hear in a  church.

The broad idea behind my book is a sort of ‘all you need in one place’ approach, which hopefully will encourage you and others to study the evidence of subject matter and learn about the origins of the words that appear on the scrolls and manuscripts available to us today.

We could say the Bible is a joint human – divine effort and rightly perceived as divinely inspired, but we have to accept it has human fingerprints all over it. The human writers numbering more than thirty from all over what is now the Middle East could not draw on any identical vocabularies nor would they share a connotative understanding of their own environment or culture. The words and names that were born into other languages by other cultures are contained within the pages of this book and are not intended to offend or alarm they are there because the texts form a vital part of the narrative that became called The Trinity.