Joshua’s House by Pauline Lewis

Price: £7.99

A romance inspired by the biblical account of the life of Joshua, who declared – ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’

As a young woman author Pauline Lewis realised that teaching was her life calling. After some years in the then notorious East End of London, she worked in New Guinea, and later, Ghana, where in both she became known as ‘The Little Children’s Mother’.

She was fifty when she experienced a change in direction. Marrying a widower, Joel, she not only shared in his pastoral ministry but God called her to write. Her children’s books became a key that opened a ministry into the schools. Forty years on, she was amused to hear a child had referred to her as ‘the little girl who tells us stories from the Bible’.

Now into her nineties, Pauline is fast losing her mobility and strength, but God continues to give her joy in the creative writing with which he is gifting her. She is so thankful for the generous ministry of Moorleys who enables her to share this joy with others.