Lids: Cracking Your Glass Ceiling by Leah Chilengwe

Price: £11.99

Lids are limitations or barriers that are tied to our perception what we believe is achievable in life. We strive to make our dreams a reality but the often run into Lids. In this book, Leah Chilengwe draws upon lessons from her personal experiences, as a reference point for exploring and identifying the Lids in our lives that keep us stuck in unacceptable situations and/or relationships. Leah articulates how Lids can slow or even hinder us from realising our purpose. It is in identifying these Lids that we can crack the “glass ceilings” in our lives.

With years of experience speaking to both businesses and individuals, Leah founded her ministry Life with Leah out of a passion to see people embrace their core identity, so they can live authentic lives. Leah is also the author of her debut book ‘All Grown Up’.