Operation Saint George by J G White

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A story about the British Royal Marine Commandos.
In April 1962, Royal Marine Dacre AJ with twenty two years of experience as a commando is suddenly sent from his unit in Plymouth to The Depot RM at Deal in Kent.
Dacre AJ is a most unique marine, a marine’s marine. He has seen service all over the world and is the most decorated marine in the Corps. Surprisingly, he has always turned down chances of promotion, preferring to stay as a marine first class. With his extensive experience of combat and having served with distinction in the SBS he is now in the twilight of his career. His task at The Depot is to re-train and re-vitalise a tired and dispirited handful of marines for a gruelling competition, which requires this small group to be super fit, in a way that only Commandos can be, which against all the odds he manages to achieve.
Meanwhile, the Sultan of Brunei flies into the UK on an unofficial visit. He wants urgent talks with the British Government regarding the increasing threat to his country from neighbouring Indonesia. His only son, the Crown Prince is at that time undergoing extensive training with the marines. An audacious and secret plot to kidnap the prince and then kill him and the Sultan is undertaken by the IRA at the behest of the President of Indonesia.
The situation is well beyond the abilities of the local police and even Special Branch. Can HM Forces possibly help? The only problem is that there are no Special Forces available in the UK at that time and time is of the essence.
Failure to rescue the prince and prevent the two murders is not an option that the government is willing to consider. The political consequences and the resulting instability in the Far East would be such not seen since the fall of Singapore in 1941.