Stoicism – Thinking Like Zeno by Nigel Glassborow

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Nigel Glassborow

Having studied Stoicism since 1989, Nigel’s writings are his attempt to look at the Stoic faith and the Stoic metaphysics and training afresh, while taking into account the evolving view of the physics of life up to the present day. The aim being to see how classic Stoicism still offers us support through its reasoned rationale as to our relationship to the whole Cosmos and its consequential teachings as to how we can live a life of contentment and purpose – even in the twenty-first century.

Published essays include:

“Without the Divine, there is no Stoicism” – essay published in ‘Stoicism Today: Selected Writings II’, edited by Patrick Usher of Exeter University, June 2016, available from Amazon.

“Is the Cosmos Conscious and Providential? Take 2” – essay first published July 2017 in ‘The Stoic Philosopher’ ejournal issue 23 as published by The College of Stoic Philosophers.