Feast of the Marys by Rev Steve Dixon

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These accessible but resonant poems were inspired by the scriptural stories of Mary, some of the traditional titles given to her, and church dedications such as ‘Our Lady of the Pines’ which associate her with everyday locations and activities. The poems link Mary’s story and the qualities ascribed to her with contemporary situations to suggest a thread of blessing weaving through our ordinary lives. They are suitable for personal reflection, to enrich worship, as a contribution to quiet days, prayer stations or retreats, and for use with the rosary.

Steve Dixon is an Anglican priest, a Quaker and a former arts administrator, teacher, and retired education adviser for the Church of England. His poems have appeared in a number of magazines and his short stories have been published and broadcast on BBC Radio 4. His dramatic work has been toured and anthologised. He has published five novels for older children, two of which were shortlisted for the UK Christian Book Awards, and is a regular contributor to the Roots for Churches resource magazine.