Nativity Figures by Rev Steve Dixon

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Nativity Figures

Each figure in the two gospel Nativity stories has inspired a separate poem in this collection. The poems do not retell the biblical narratives but explore points of reference between particular aspects of each character’s story and broader human experience. For example, the persistence of the innkeeper in finding a place for the Holy Family gives rise to a poem about a pensioner determined to respond to every charity appeal he receives. This approach provides resonances between scripture and everyday life that encourage each to be read in the light of the other, in the hope of enriching both. We meet a failed spin doctor, a catalogue of gurus, holiday makers on the beach, an oligarch, a scientist and many more in this lively and varied collection. The poems could provide starting points for sermon reflections and bible study sessions, or offer new perspectives when revisiting the traditional Nativity scenes.

Steve Dixon is an Anglican priest, a Quaker and a former arts administrator, teacher, and retired education adviser for the Church of England. His poems have appeared in a number of magazines and his short stories have been published, broadcast on BBC Radio 4, and adapted for film. His dramatic work has been toured and anthologised. He has published five novels for older children, two of which were shortlisted for the UK Christian Book Awards, and is a regular contributor to the Roots for Churches resource magazine. He lives in West Yorkshire and enjoys giving readings of his poetry, usually as local church fundraisers (for details, contact the publishers).