The Four Intrepid Astronomers by John William Beardsley

Price: £6.99

A great number of Science Fiction novels tend to include a good deal of futuristic spaceships shooting each other down with Monster-like Aliens at their controls!

This novel is different, in that the Aliens are not depicted as Monsters, and the heroes happen to be amateurs with regard to their favourite hobby which leads them to a dilemma in respect of the universal big question!

Is it possible that the Earth is not the only planet to give birth to the human race. Could it be that others existed millions of years before even our Solar System was formed?

Four amateur astronomers, all strangers, brought together in a bizarre fashion which leads to an amazing journey, followed by an equally strange unexpected situation.

This is my first novel in the genre of Science Fiction. I am therefore very much an amateur in the field.

I set out to attempt food-for-thought and I hope, to some extent, this has been achieved, however, if not then my wish is for the story to entertain whether the genre is to your taste, as this is a new unusual outlook on Science Fiction!