The Four Intrepid Astronomers: Final Outcome by John William Beardsley

Price: £6.99

The genre of Science Fiction allows us to ponder imaginative and futuristic concepts. This story is no exception, continuing the incredible journey of The Four Intrepid Astronomers who came together as a result of a bizarre coincidence resulting in time travel and technological advances with an alien species of surprising form!

Is there a parallel Universe? Their exploits may have the answer.

Advanced Science and Technology courtesy of their alien friends reveals some extraordinary results leaving them with a dilemma to deal with. The Earth is heading for its Sixth Mass Extinction; will our heroes have any influence on this dilemma?

This is the sequel to my first novel, The Four Intrepid Astronomers. To those who have read the first one, you may have found the end a little frustrating; I hope you enjoy the finale. To those who haven’t, it is essential to do so as this is the conclusion of the adventures of The Four Intrepid Astronomers, whose search for the answer to the Universal¬† big question has amazing consequences!

A surprising change occurs from the other side of the Universe with powers to add to those The Intrepid Four already possess!

They witness an incredible and dangerous mission, the results of which are significant to the final outcome!